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For those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, Charter Senior Living of Newport News empowers residents to live as fully and happily as possible for as long as possible while providing peace of mind to those who love them.

  • Renowned, evidence-based FlourishSM Memory Care programming ensures that people living with any form of dementia can continue to grow and flourish regardless of how advanced their dementia may be
  • Around-the-clock support and personal care by a caring, experienced team
  • Exclusive design features the latest technology, safety and services
  • Natural skylights and lights programmed to reflect circadian rhythm
  • Private suites and bathrooms
  • Open kitchens with views of the courtyard in each neighborhood
  • Beautifully landscaped, secure courtyard and walking path
  • Multiple activity spaces and lounges for programming and socializing with friends, family and staff
  • Sensory rooms for calming serenity
  • Our staff and residents love, laugh and learn together and share truly special bonds … just like family

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Flourish℠ Memory Care is a one-of-a-kind program based on the very best practices in Memory Care from the most respected thought leaders in the industry. Program foundations include:


A consistent offering of traditional activities that appeal to the seven core areas of programming
(Cognitive, Creative, Community, Motivational, Physical, Social and Spiritual). Velocity is our daily activities programming that sets the speed and direction for our residents’ days.



Personalized, technological interventions – such as nostalgic music on headphones, tablets showing non-plot videos and weighted blankets – help manage challenging behaviors while promoting solace, relaxation and reflection to maintain a calm, supportive environment.

Hot Towels


A Japanese tradition using warm hand towels offered to our residents before mealtime. It’s a daily routine activity that provides a consistent reminder for mealtimes while providing aromatherapy.



Specific Therapeutic Assisted Recreation is a family-oriented program that allows our families to bring in personal reminiscent-type items to share with their family members.

Jigsaw Puzzle


A cluster of group activities that care staff can simply grab off the shelf, read the instructions for and engage with the residents in a smaller group setting.

Residents Flourish

FlourishSM Memory Care is rooted in Charter’s core belief – and supported by substantial research – that people living with dementia can grow and flourish regardless of how advanced the dementia may be. FlourishSM addresses individual needs and provides residents with helpful support, nurturing care and personalized programs that honor who they are and where they are in their journey.

Our caregivers are experienced in caring for people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. They know each resident personally and tailor care and support based on the resident’s preferences and individual needs. Our team knows the residents’ likes and dislikes. They know what makes them happy and sad. They know who they were and what makes them special today…

We invite you to come for a personal visit and experience a warm family feel at Charter Senior Living of Newport News. See how residents living with dementia flourish – no matter where they are in their journey. Learn how our programming, neighborhood design, amenities, personalized services, care and unsurpassed family feel make it possible for residents to live with purpose, fulfillment and dignity!

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